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There are numerous advantages of sharing your room/apartment or giving it out for rent. So, it is best advised that while you plan your application for studying or working abroad, particularly in the U.S., you also continue to search for rooms and apartments to share.

There are many other frequently asked questions about living abroad and having a roommate, whose answer you can easily find on is a single platform with all of the information that is useful for the Nepali community living in the U.S. Have a look at all the necessary information about living abroad.

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As per the government census data, there were a calculated fifty-nine thousand Nepalese Americans in the USA in 2010 and around eleven thousand in 2001. This rise in Nepali citizens going abroad is because of the trend that has caught up.

Abroad studies are one particular reason why Nepalese are attracted to this idea. Also many Nepalese prefer going to countries like the U.S., the U.K., Australia, and more since there is a chance to hold the citizenship of these powerful counties ultimately. Whatever be the reason, it can be easily said that this trend will only see a hike.

Living abroad for studies and/or career enhancement could be a life-changing activity, especially if you have to move from one continent to another. There is a lot of research and undercover work to be done before you begin your journey abroad.

There are numerous things to consider, including the cost of living, the applications, and forms to be filled, finances, lifestyle, and a lot more. You should control your finances when it comes to living abroad since the accommodation expenses are particularly high. To do this, you will need to understand a few things about sharing apartments.

If you are a Nepali Citizen living abroad, then you know the importance of having another fellow Nepali living nearby. Sharing a room/apartment with your fellow countryman could be focal in shaping your experiences abroad. Having each other with the same background, culture, and roots could be helpful in a lot of ways.

Why sharing a Room/apartment would be good for you?

Sharing a room/apartment is one of the best ideas if you are alone. Following are the reasons why this could be beneficial to you:

  • Cost-cutting:

Living alone in a room/apartment could cost you a lot especially in countries like the U.S. Also, living abroad means that you will be spending most of your time in the workplace or at your university.

Paying a thousand dollars a month could land in the streets in no time if your income is limited. Hence, if you split the cost of the apartment, you could easily use the money elsewhere or even save it. You will be saving money on deposits that have to be paid upfront as well.

  • Security:

While this reason could be doubtful, it could turn into a benefit if you do some proper research. You can search for a Nepali roommate with commonalities and someone who could be trusted. Living with someone could prove to be a lot better than living alone in terms of security.

Coming late at night, or leaving expensive items could not be a problem if you share the room with someone trustworthy. In case of any emergency, you could be helped by your roommate if you choose to share the room/apartment.

  • Socialize:

When you share a room/apartment, you do not just share the space, but you also share opinions, ideas, and a lot of personal issues. In this process, your friends connect with them, and their friends become your friends as well, which broadens your network.

It is best to be social and know people in a foreign land who could be helpful in the days to come. Even your social life could enhance by sharing a room. You will have new experiences, have a broader viewpoint, and will learn a lot through the networks that you build.

  • Common pool of resources:

One of the major benefits of sharing an apartment or a room is that there will be a common pool of resources. This way, you do not have to buy many things. For example, instead of buying two separate sofas, you will now only have to buy one which could be used by both. Similarly, you will have to only buy a few appliances, furniture, and utensils for the kitchen. There will be major cost-cutting in these terms.

  • Easier:

The transition from living in your hometown to going across borders can be really difficult. But if you have someone to share it with or be guided by, then it can be a lot easier. Hence, for this ease, you could rely on a partner who will help you through the process.

  • Getting help with a career or academic boost up:

Having a Nepali roommate from the same academic field or career background can be even more helpful. You could help each other with your coursework or could get assistance in climbing up the professional ladder.

  • Sharing of responsibilities:

If you live alone, you will be solely responsible for the security and safety of your apartment or room. However, if you share it with someone, then you will be equally sharing the responsibilities as well. Hence, in many ways, you will be relieving yourself from the pressure of being accountable for everything all alone.

Living With a New Nepali Roommate? What you need to know

If you have planned on living with a roommate, then there are a few things you should know beforehand:

  • Be aware of what you want: 

Even before deciding to share an apartment/room, it is advised that you consider what you want. You might be someone who cannot live with another stranger, however beneficial it might be. If you are willing to live with a roommate, then you have to know what you like and what you do not like. You need to know your nature and then the nature of the roommate you are seeking.

  • Location: 

If you have gone abroad studies, then you should live nearby the campus. Avoid taking any kind of public transport if you can to save money. Also, choosing to live nearby campus means that you will most likely find many students willing to share a room with another fellow student on the same campus. This will make it easier for you to find a roommate with some commonality.

  • Safety:

Safety is a big issue in the transition of living abroad. Since you will not have many ideas about the place for a couple of months, it is essential to look for a trustworthy roommate. Of course, you will most likely not realize the nature of a person after an initial talk. Hence it is best advised that you select many options and not just limit yourself to one search.

  • Look for ads:

There are many ads of Nepali Citizens wanting to share a room abroad with another fellow Nepali. Hence, be alert and research about these websites where most ads are posted. One such site is where you can find ads of the Nepali community living in the U.S., wanting to share rooms/apartments. You can also post your ad here for free. This is one of the easiest and effective ways to find roommates.

  • Meet your potential roommates:

After having a list of roommates to select from, carefully set time to talk to each one of them. Decide your standard and analyze the potential candidates. Take your time because this can be crucial in deciding the rest of your stay with your roommate.

  • Set ground rules:

After you have selected your roommate, make sure that you set certain ground rules in regards to the sharing of certain responsibilities and regards to your issues. You need to be certain of splitting the bills and sharing expenses and items which are off-limits. You also need to discuss your work and sleep schedule. You need to know their daily routine so you can plan activities and responsibilities together.

  • Contracting:

It is best advised that you develop a contract- on paper- with your roommate. While this can seem a little cold, this could be a huge step in securing yourself against any fraud in the future. Also, if your roommate understands and accepts this decision, then you can be sure that they are looking for security as well and are usually trustworthy.

  • Communication is vital:

The only way you can have a good relationship with your roommate is being vocal and communicating about your issues with each other. Both of you need to understand that each other has their personal space not to be tangled with. You should share your preferences, expectations, and needs with your roommate.

  • Respect each other’s privacy: 

You need to be clear that your roommate’s stuff is theirs and theirs only. You should not halt their privacy, and they will not do the same as well. There is something off-limits, and you need to respect that.

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