How to Get Payoneer MasterCard in Nepal?

If you have an interest in graphic design and want to sell your skill online (platform like Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr) probably you have to face payment gateway in Nepal. But if you are ready to wait for one month to get MasterCard, you can apply Payoneer online.

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is an International debit card provider company which has been established in 2005. It has been providing the Card in more than 200 countries around the world. Most of the internet freelancers have taken the Service.

The users can deposit the amount in the bank account and withdraw from the ATM nearby them so it has been popular among them. The company has more than 20 lakhs users as mentioned on the company’s website.

Bank Account and ATM:

It’s easy to get the bank account and Debit card sitting at home. Using the account you can deposit the money from different agencies too. Just withdraw the amount from the nearest debit card supported ATM.

Do shopping on eBay, Amazon, etc. Not only this inspiring others to open an account, but you will also receive $25 if they open the account from your link. After doing more $ 1000 transaction you can use the bonus amount.

It’s impossible to verify the PayPal account for the Nepalese people who are applying from Nepal. The government hasn’t worked for the betterment of the term PayPal.

But if you have a problem with exchanging online financial terms you can manage with the help of Payoneer. After the application, waiting for a month you will receive International Debit card and the Bank of America’s account is free of cost.

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PayPal verification:

Using Payoneer account you can verify PayPal account. The debit card with the Bank of America account will be providing you the legal PayPal account in Nepal. Although most of the Nepalese have been using their relative’s accounts, who are abroad, for managing their financial terms for working in Online.

This may create problems further. The government must also the terms relate to the Nepalese workers to carry in the foreign currency in Nepal. The best way is to go through the Payoneer account. Although the Debit card is free it charges annual as well as service charges from the users.

If you have any problem regarding the debit card you can ask in the online forms or you can call the bank number for the solutions.

Payoneer: sign up

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