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Are you searching on the internet ‘site like Sajha’? I mean you want to post classified ads for free? If so, you are in the right place. is a Nepali community based classified site which costs you zero dollars. We are working hard to reach every Nepali’s computer/phone who is living in the United States.


  • Room/Apartment:

There are three ways to find a room or roommate.

  1. By visiting door to door
  2. visiting dealers office
  3. Online

We believe for everyone’s option three is most preferable. There are so many sites like Sajha available that helps to find the best roommate. is one of them and it will help to reach your target. Sharing a room/apartment is one of the best ideas if you are alone in the United States. So we encourage you to post free ads and get advantages.

  • Visa/Immigration 

“Building a career is more of a priority than having kids”, says American people. But for Nepalese everything is opposite, So if you have any Visa/immigration question and concern you can post here. You will get a solution or suggestion from those who already faced or who knew about it.

  • Job/Training 

If you are looking for a job or if you have a job position both types of people can get benefits. From lots of examples we can see, Nepalese are getting jobs through the trusted channel.

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  • Buy/Sell

If you have something to sell on the second-hand prices you can use this platform. It might be the same product somebody looking for buy on cheaper than market values.

  • Lost/Found

We hope you never lose anything. But sometimes it happened. If you lost something or if you found something? Just post ads that will help bring that person who is worried so much.

  • Event/Festival

We Nepalese celebrate more than 50 festivals every year. Nepal is not only the land of the mountains; it is also the land of festivals. So If you have any planned to celebrate any festival and want to more participants.  This platform helps you.

  • Charity/Donation

Most people give donations/charity as they felt a sense of duty to give back to society. Donating is an emotional act so it helps people who are seeking something from the community. We encourage people to share the GoFundMe page here.

  • Share Ride/Car Pool

This platform helps you carpool with new Nepali or new Nepali neighbors going your way. Rideshare is not only to save money its also better for hiding loneliness and communication.

  • Nepali Dance/Art

Nepal has more than 100 different ethnic groups and, expectedly, what you get is a multitude of languages and culture including of course. If you want to teach your traditional dance/language it will help fo find nearby you.


Websites like craigslist, Sulekha are amazing classifieds websites, but they are less effective for our community. So we are trying to bringing together the Nepalese community.

If you have any concerns and questions about, please leave us a comment or send an email at

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